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The hottest phones, tablets, desktops and laptops in the world are on our site. Incredible, amazing, power in your hands. Check out our desktops, monitors and cameras. We offer over 20,000 high quality products, including a wide range of hp towers, PCs and netbooks. We would like you to be able to call home more cheaply to Africa and the Caribbean.

Connecting online is the best way to communicate with the world. What are the factors in making a decision on what to buy when communicating by voice calling or connecting by the internet? The main factors for many are price, brand, service (speed of connection and latency), contract and promotions. Where is Africa in all of this? Different countries on the continent are at different levels when receiving connections in short unequally distributed is a factor in price and service.

Here at West Africa Phones we look at mobile and broadband services from the UK.

1) Phone Home: Mobile Calling Africa And The Caribbean

There are four types of mobile internet connections: 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. These different generations of mobile technology offer different download speeds. Besides download speed, latency β€œlag” or β€œping” initial delay when connecting to the server is another really important factor. Real-time connectivity for voice calling, video calling and gaming require low latency which is measured in milliseconds.

Key features of 1pMobile

  • No contract
  • Great coverage in the UK using the EE 4G/3G/2G network
  • Compare other PAYG prices per minute
  • See international and roaming tariffs
  • International calling. Calls to international destinations from 9p per minute, texts from 6p each. Check update rates
  • Requirements are to make at least one Β£10 top-up every 120 days to keep the account and SIM active
1p Mobile offers the UK’s cheapest PAYG tariff of 1p a minute for calls to UK mobiles and landlines, 1p a text to UK mobiles and landlines, and data at 1p a MB

2) Connecting Via Fixed Line Broadband: Africa And The Caribbean

What is broadband?

Wide bandwidth data transmission can be via coaxial cable, optical fiber, radio or twisted pair. The wider (or broader) the bandwidth of a channel, the greater the data-carrying capacity. Optical fiber is a transmission via light between the two ends of the fiber. For those services that require high bandwidth, long distance integrity, or immunity to electromagnetic interference use Optical fiber. Record speeds can be obtained by this medium.

What you can do with more speed

Download speeds

Mbps What you can do
11 Browsing the web, watching videos, and keeping in touch on a few devices
36 Four to five devices medium use
67 Many devices using wifi and downloading multiple content streams

Origin Broadband is an award-winning Internet Service Provider and Network Operator.
From Algeria to Zimbabwe see all the networks in Africa

3) Business Solutions

Businesses internet connections involve the connection solutions of voice, video and the internet. Converged data networks carry multiple services on one network.
Question: Who offers cheap and free international calls to Africa and the Caribbean?
Answer: Well Pingo and RingCentral and their business solution offers cheap and free international calls to all countries

So you may wish to call Nigeria, Ethiopia or Cuba. Pingo and RingCentral and their business solution international calling service is up to 98% cheaper than regular phone carriers and calling cards. They offer all to our new customers a free test call to any phone number in the world so they can try the service. Here we highlight African and Caribbean countries with call rates.

Cheap international calls to your loved ones, friends or business staff

Products details

Pingo and RingCentral and their business solution users have five products to choose from: applications for iPhone/ iPad, Android/ Android tablet, Windows Phone, PC and a web-based service for other phones.

  • iPhone app
  • iPad app
  • Android app
  • Android tablet
  • PC app
  • Windows Phone
  • Web-based solution

What are your customer benefits with Pingo and RingCentral and their business solution?

  1. Prices - Rates are up to 98% cheaper than those offered by mobile carriers
  2. Great quality - Outstanding call quality to all countries
  3. Simplicity: Easy to use - No PIN codes, No SIM cards, No hidden costs. With a Pingo and RingCentral and their business solution App, you call from your regular phone and address book
  4. Pingo and RingCentral and their business solution will automatically convert all international calls into cheap Pingo and RingCentral and their business solution calls
  5. Free calls: Calls between Pingo and RingCentral and their business solution app users are free

Additional services for all Pingo and RingCentral and their business solution users.

First call is free - Free test call to anywhere in the world.

Free int. calling without WiFi or 3G - Available between 50 countries.

$5 Bonus - All users get $5 bonus for every friend that they refer.

4) How Does Pingo And RingCentral And Their Business Solution Work?

App users: – Just download the app and start saving up to 98% when calling internationally and call other Pingo and RingCentral and their business solution users for free.
Other phones: – Sign up for an account online and get a local access number for each of your international contacts. You don’t need 3G/WiFi or access and it works from any phone.
Call from your computer?: – Download our PC client and start calling Pingo and RingCentral and their business solution users for free or save up to 98% on other international calls.

The first call is free with Pingo and RingCentral and their business solution and can be made anywhere in the world.

5) RingCentral

For a long term business solutions in communication to Africa and the Caribbean see Pingo and RingCentral. These businesses are in the area of converged networks of data, telephone and video networks converge. Network infrastructure uses the same set of rules, agreements and implementation standards. Find them by search engine lookup. also look for voice over IP VOIP.

6) Second Hand Mobile Shop

Need a brand new mobile phone that connects it to a particular phone network or sim only local card? Need to fix your phone, need a repair centre for your tablet or need a second hand set.

Looking for a second hand mobile phone shops in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham? Find your local shop.

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