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Golden Rhinoceros Of Mapungubwe And Today's Technology

Golden Rhinoceros Mapungubwe

One of Africa’s greatest treasures, the 800-year-old golden rhinoceros of Mapungubwe tell us that technology come if many forms. These gold foil figures, discovered in royal graves at Mapungubwe, testify to the sophisticated, settled society which traded gold and ivory with China, India and Egypt many centuries before settlers from Europe arrived. The golden rhinoceros, described as the South African equivalent of Tutankhamun’s mask. The economy of Mapungubwe was based on cattle herding, agriculture, hunting and gathering, as well as long-distance international trade, as indicated by finds of Chinese porcelain.

The Rise In Awareness Of African Technology

Apartheid in the country of South Africa officially came to an end almost 25 years ago, but much of the current day's inequality linger on. Poverty is still concentrated among the black population in all areas. Golden Rhinoceros of Mapungubwe has powerful symbolism. Black African technical know how has been around for a long long time. Colonial legacy in most countries does mean truths of black African history in science, technology, engineering and Maths (STEM) has been suppressed.

Engaged African adult and children desire a different story that is for them. We must fight for this like warriors.

Many African digital entrepreneurs are warriors, they are making up for the severe lack of positive images of black people in technology, business and management. In effect they are modern day African Tech heroes they are around us in our community and we sometimes don't seem to see them. We know that there is at the top level of many industrial sectors and organisations a lack of diversity. The following is from sport. Jamaica's Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian spoke of the importance of being a role model for black children. The Bobsleigh star welled up as she said It's important for me that little girls and little boys see someone that looks like them, talks like them, has the same culture as them, has crazy curly hair and wears it natural, has brown skin, included in different things in this world. These African Tech heroes are fighting for change in many areas like in the technology industry.

An Education In Technological Power A Lesson In Marketing

Tactics of the anti-hero are to target you totally. They use fantastic, relentless marketing backed by millions and billions of dollars globally. They are all over television, radio and the internet. They have political weight, we associate them with health and fitness because they sponsor high profile events in sports. Cigarette brands once did that. They defend the status quo without doubt to keep their power for themselves. This a battle for our hearts and minds, our money and our freedom. Our health and future are at stake. It is a collective conscious or unconscious bias to white supremacy. This supremacy needs to stop if the racial economic divide between young Africans all over the world and the powerful Anglo Saxon in businesses is to be closed.

A Battle Between Good And Evil

How can this cycle of inequality and poverty so deeply rooted in the past and present be broken?

When I grow up I want to be a manager at a fast food joint serving burgers. I have never heard any child say this. Yet this is were highly qualified people end up. Racism working behind the closed door in the boardroom, keeps people from reaching their dreams. Now ask yourself what did you do to ‪‎promote‬ ‪Africa‬ this past week? Your ‪heritage‬, culture‬, food‬, ‪business‬, ‪future‬ and ‪employment‬. But it is not enough just to promote we have to support good by buying, owning and passing on #Africa to the next generation. Underemployment and unemployment still persist in the African, Caribbean and African-American community. What does this mean. It means that companies and organisations do not wish to employ and invest in you, your family or community. Poor contracts, low pay, sexism, discrimination and racism are the evils our African communities are battling.

Support African Tech Teaching

There are many young people second and third generation African who don’t about Africa history living in the United Kingdom. They are unsure of their heritage or know about the past use of mathematics, science and technology. Our children will suffer if we allow them to continue to consume school poor education or convenience information from sources like the national TV. Yes it is also hard to find a traditional African history courses and or modern African recent stories which will inspire. With this in mind we have to support the new breed of African tech teachers which come along.

Six Suggestions On How to Become An African Tech Hero

  1. Visit West, East and South Africa and market travel, holidays and business trips there
  2. Design or invent African technology for Africans
  3. Through healthy Africa food/drink tell the African science/medicine story the best in the world
  4. Start an African children's science, technology, engineering and Maths education club
  5. Teach your children about modern/ancient African science, technology, engineering and Maths through history

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