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Mobile Broadband

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Let's face it, for most of us access to the internet when we're out and about is no longer a nice bonus—it's pretty much essential. Whether you're emailing from a laptop or using a tablet to catch up with Twitter, the web is where we connect with friends and store our favourite media, important documents, and more. But what if there's no free internet connection available or it's unreliable or slow? With a mobile Wi-Fi device, such as the Vodafone R207, you can hit the web with up to five devices at once wherever there's a 3G signal.

Origin Broadband

Origin Broadband is an award-winning Internet Service Provider and Network Operator based in Yorkshire. Origin Broadband were established in 2011 to offer a better standard of broadband service nationwide. Origin Broadband pride themselves in providing our customers with the best possible experience while offering industry leading prices and outstanding value for money.

Stay connected on the go with Vodafone

This handy little device is your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot. The R207 can sit in your hand, weighs just 74g, comes with 2GB of data and is ready to use straight out of the box — no installation required. Its battery is good for up to four hours per charge, but you can also power it using the mains or off your laptop via the bundled USB lead.
No contract, just data when you need it
The R207 comes with 2GB of data for 30 days on Vodafone Pay As You Go. If you use up your data you can buy a data pack starting at just £5 for 250MB (lasts 30 days), going up to £20 for 3GB (lasts up to 30 days).
One Wi-Fi hotspot, five connected devices
The R207 enables you to get online with up to five devices at once (smartphone, laptop, tablet, games console etc). So letting your friends do research while you study, or colleagues check their inboxes while you're heading to see a client is easy.
Check your usage easily
Download the free Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi app for iOS, Android or BlackBerry and it couldn't be simpler to keep an eye on your data usage. As well as letting you see how much data you've used so far, you can check on the number of devices you have connected, the R207's battery level and the current 3G signal strength. Visit myvodafone for more information.

Vodafone R2o7 Mobile Wi-Fi

Pop the R207 in your pocket and you have a Pay As You Go mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for up to five devices at a time, wherever there's a 3G mobile signal available. With 2GB of preloaded data and no software to install, it couldn't be easier to use and gives you total control over how much you spend.