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PC Hardware Troubleshooting

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Carryout step by step troubleshooting
1. Does the PC switch on, check
a) Check power cable for damage
b) Check fuse hasn't blown
c) Check PSU is the standard ATX, and 12v ATX connected to the motherboard

If the PC switches on, is there any signal/display, are there any messages, or beep error code

2. If no display, check north bridge, make sure
a) Monitor is switch on
b) VGA/DVI cable is not damaged and connected properly
c) CPU is not damaged
d) RAM is not damaged e) Graphic card is not damaged

3. If there is a (disk error) message, check
a) Hard drive Molex power connector is connected
b) Hard drive IDE/SATA power connector is connected
c) Use last known good configuration setting if required
d) Use 0/S DVD to repair 0/S if required

If the PC boots up, are there any additional problems with PC and peripherals
4. Check PC base unit
a) Are all the PC internal cables and screws in place
b) Are all the fans working and free of dust
c) Are all the external base unit screws in place
d) Does the base unit have any cosmetic damage