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Social media platform and services are communication channels for many people to share, comment, like and publish content on for other in a social group setting on the internet.

Who are the people to know in digital Africa? The following people with connection in Africa are experts in the area of cloud computing, artificial intelligence AI, 5G communication, the internet of things IOT, mobile networks, smart cities, blockchain technology, fintech, health, transportation, digital transformation, augmented and virtual reality AR/VR, agriculture. They are leaders in government, startups and venture capitalists also they are involved in entertainment.

What are the most notable features users love on social media apps and websites? Billions of people around the globe are using social media everyday to communicate with each other on their smart mobile phones, laptop and tablets. These people are viewing, sharing, retweeting and publishing their own content. They are also following others, trolling, blocking and creating fake accounts with biased news.

Social media has an impact on interpersonal communication as it can be said that the social media services are an essential interpersonal communication channel for many people. In little over a decade of these platforms being around, social media has had a dramatic effect on people's everyday lives. Today an individual can communicate one to one with somebody on the other side of the world, millions of people are doing this everyday.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones? Today there are many reasons for people to be owning a mobile phone. In fact you can say that a mobile phone is an essential portable communication tool for a modern western citizen. In the international arena, throughout all parts of the world, mobile phone use is also extremely important. For instance many Africans are using their phones for many reasons which differ from how they are used in countries such as the UK because of data rates and data transfer speed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media? There are currently numerous reasons for individuals to be using a social media platform. Firstly it can be said that the social media platform and services are an essential communication channels for many people. Secondly at the local, national and international level social media use is very important in bringing groups of people together. People all over the world however, use these platforms in a variety of ways which differs.

Who are the people to know in east Africa digital technology? The following people with connection in east Africa are experts in the area of the internet of things IOT, Augmented and Virtual Reality AR/VR, artificial intelligence and 5G. They are leaders in government, CTO, startups, venture capitalists with connections in entertainment. So for networking, privileged access to strategic partners, investors and potential buyers look up the following names.

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