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Golden Rhinoceros Of Mapungubwe And Today's Technology

Golden Rhinoceros Mapungubwe

One of Africa’s greatest treasures, the 800-year-old golden rhinoceros of Mapungubwe tell us that technology come if many forms. These gold foil figures, discovered in royal graves at Mapungubwe, testify to the sophisticated, settled society which traded gold and ivory with China, India and Egypt many centuries before settlers from Europe arrived. The golden rhinoceros, described as the South African equivalent of Tutankhamun’s mask.

The Evolution Of TV Cathode Ray To The Curve

LG is leading the way with a range of cutting-edge screens that build on nearly 100 years of TV history...


The first mechanical TV, the Baird Televisor, goes on sale. E Cathode Ray Tube technology is introduced in 1934 and goes on to dominate for the next 60 years.


The first colour TV—the Westinghouse H840CK15 —is released. Colour sets wouldn't become standard until the 1970s.


More than 500 million people worldwide watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. Recently voted the most famous event in TV history.

The Internet of Things

Imagine a world where objects from kettles to cars share information with you over the web. It's happening right now and it's going to change everything...

Back in the mists of time (okay, 1991) the world wide web turned desktop computers around the globe into windows on a dizzying world of information. A decade later, the smartphone made the web mobile and more or less banished eye contact between humans. And now we're crossing the threshold of the next evolution of the digital age.

Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality Coming To Africa

african atlantic reality

Let's say you have a family getting married in Kenyan, Africa and you can't be there. What if you could put a 360-degree video camera in the audience and the UK family see the event virtually? They see the wedding party, the African food and local sunset. They have the ability to really feel like they're there and they look around and see what's going on, just by moving their heads.

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