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Games: Xbox One And PS4

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Xbox One and PS4 are taking gaming to new heights. The hard part is choosing between them...

Xbox One Console

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What makes Microsoft's latest console truly next generation? The way it's been designed to take its place right at the heart of your home entertainment setup.

Entertainment non-stop

With Xbox One you can watch live TV while you're playing a game or run apps like Skype and YouTube. Switch from one to another, use them side-by-side or resume watching a film, TV show or app right from where you left off.

The home of great games

From Halo to Sunset Overdrive, Xbox One is home to essential exclusives and some ofthe biggest and best franchises in gaming.

Smart Match multiplayer

Enjoy the advanced multiplayer system that is Xbox Live, powered by a network of over 300,000 servers. Smart Match pits you against opponents of a similar skill for a more fun experience.

Share your glory

With Xbox One it's easy to snap a game, or record clips and share them online.

Getting better all the time

Powered by the Cloud, and updated regularly, next up Xbox One garners can look forward to new customisation options for their home dashboard plus enhanced Twitter features.

Killer Games X-BOX ONE

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

This definitive collection brings together all four Master Chief Halo games, featuring the remastered Halo 2: Anniversary, new digital series Halo: Nightfall and access to the Halo 5: Guardians Beta.


The new benchmark for footie sims, FIFA 15 ramps up the realism with smarter players, totally authentic ball movement, actual crowd chants, all the Premier League stadiums and more. It's the closest thingto real football yet.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The latest instalment of the legendary FPS shakes things up with more futuristic weapons and equipment, including an awesome Exo suit that lets you ju higher, move faster and fight harder.

Sony PS4 Console (Black)

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With 10 times more muscle than the PS3, PS4 is the world's most powerful games console as well as your portal for entertainment and social networking.

Made for gaming

PS4 has over 40 games with exclusive content and over 100 more in development. Play world class titles like LittleBigPlanet 3, Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 15 and Driveclub.

Play solo or with friends

PS4 has the largest community of online garners and supports up to eight friends for cross-game party chat. The brand new, exclusive Share Play feature lets you invite a friend to join your game even if they don't own it! Want to take your saved games with you? Copy your saves to a USB stick and you'll be able to upload them to a friend's PS4.

Remote Play

Someone else want to watch the telly when you're mid-game? No worries. With Remote Play you can carry on playing seamlessly using Wi-Fi and either a PS Vita, Xperia Z3 smartphone or the new PlayStation TV.

Enjoy music, movies and more
With DVD and Blu-ray film support, as well as featuring the top digital apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube, PS4 is also the home for unmissable entertainment.

Killer Games PS4


Not your usual head-to-head racing game, Driveclub sees you and your friends working as a team for a social racing experience. There's a huge range of supercars to test drive, from Ferraris and Audis to Bentleys and F1 cars.


The biggest game of 2014 in every way. This epic space opera blends high-octane shoot-'em up action with story-driven RPG elements, all set in a vast and totally immersive future world. Online multiplayer is amazing too.

Far Cry 4

The globe-trotting adventure series continues. This time the hero is Ajay Ghale who returns to Kyrat and gets caught up in a civil war to overthrow a despotic king. Co-op play is a major factor in this instalment.