Top Ten Benefits And Tips To Video Conferences For Business


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What are the top 10 benefits and tips to video conferencing for business? There are numerous ways a business can benefit from using video conferencing whether they are based in Africa, America or Europe. Firstly it can be said that the video conferencing services such as Zoom are an essential communication tool for many people in large organisations which use this internally as a solution to face to face interactions. Secondly at the local, national and international level outside of an organisation video conferencing use is very important in bringing groups of people together who are in supporting roles such as suppliers or customers. People now use video communication working from the office, home or on a hybrid arrangement. People in business all over the world however, use these platforms in a variety of ways which differs and benefits them uniquely. We shall be sharing with you these benefits and giving you our top tips. We shall then give some disadvantages to video conferencing.

What Are The Top Ten Benefits To Video Conferences For Small And Medium Size Businesses Or Enterprises?

  1. Live real time collaboration between you and the team, clients or suppliers in different locations
  2. Social media element, polls, chat by participants and reactions
  3. One to many communications video anytime of the day all around the world
  4. Can record the live stream and develop a catalogue for archive
  5. Screen share of documents, spreadsheets, white boards or other work
  6. Use on many devices so can take on the go
  7. Can lock down with layers of security and encryption
  8. Link with many other platforms or channels, integrated with email and calendars etc
  9. Analytics and insight into new opportunities
  10. Ecommerce, adverts and direct call to actions CTA to sales

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What Are The Top Tips To Get The Best Out Of Video Conferencing For SMEs?

  1. Connect your teams together, clients or suppliers
  2. Problem solving and communicate by video anytime of the day all around the world with experts in your network
  3. Social media element with live chat by participants. Social media streaming to Facebook live and YouTube
  4. Get reactions in real time from you participates
  5. Conduct some polls, have groups within group in breakout rooms
  6. Record the live stream and develop a catalogue for archive
  7. Share your documents, spreadsheets or ideas on the online interactive white board
  8. Lock it down with layers of security, permissions and encryption
  9. Link with other platforms or channels like Facebook, integrated with email database or CRM system etc
  10. Look for new opportunities to save you money by not traveling and reach new markets

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Video Conferencing Software Options On The Market

There are lots of options for a business that is looking into buying a video conference package. Many of these options are from the major companies like Apple and Microsoft. Here we list some of the top brands or software houses that supply this technology.

  • FaceTime (apple)
  • WhatsApp (mobile devices, owned by Facebook)
  • Facebook Messenger include video option
  • Skype (owned by Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Teams part of Office 365 (owned by Microsoft) hardware is Microsoft Surface Hub
  • Google Hangouts Meet (google and G Suite users)
  • Amazon Chime (AWS users)
  • Zoom
  • Webex Cisco
  • GoToMeeting
  • TeamViewer (as a feature of remote support and access)
  • RingCentral Meeting

Note there are many others which are Open Source video conferencing options too on the market.

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Disadvantages Of Video Calls Or Conferences

There are some disadvantages of use video conferencing as solution to communicating in business, we believe this really stems around reliability whilst in use. All of this means if you are doing business across the continent of Africa in places like Ghana or Ethiopia you should be aware of infrastructure setup in these countries. Here we list disadvantages, reasons why it may not work for you and give some solutions:

  • Reliability can be poor if basic hardware and software requirements are not in place by the users
  • Mission-critical business communications can be disrupted by delays or packets missing because of network issues and the IP system Voice-over-IP (VoIP) used
  • Host on a company server if you have concerns about security
  • Degradation of sound and video lag
  • Poor sound quality due to the room used meaning echo, poor audio quality due to hardware either microphone or speaker
  • Pitch is different, frequency maybe higher than other forms of communications
  • Communication for the disabled could be difficult
  • Lots of the solutions on the market push native app downloads. other state there is no downloads or installs required. The fact are that there are browser based solution for most of the suppliers
  • One presenter per license is sometimes the only option available from your favourite provider
  • Price is a factor as it is expensive if you do not keep an eye on the benefits. Therefore use efficiently

Solution to some of these problems could be using a phone with video conferencing.

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Building Your Business In A New Way With Video Conferences

Businesses are seamlessly adapting and evolving to become stronger, smarter and more nimble at communicating with the aid of new technology for their benefit. Above we have shared with you our benefits of video conferencing for business and giving you our top tips.

In summary the best entrepreneurs are people who like to engage on all levels with the tools at hand. For our future businesses to grow we need to continue to communicate, share knowledge and help each other by using various video conferencing digital platforms. An example of this is Zoom which is a leading platform in the video conferencing sector.


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