How Do Social Media Impact Interpersonal Communication?


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Social media has an impact on interpersonal communication as it can be said that the social media services are an essential interpersonal communication channel for many people. In little over a decade of these platforms being around, social media has had a dramatic effect on people's everyday lives. Today an individual can communicate one to one with somebody on the other side of the world, millions of people are doing this everyday. Somebody in Sierra Leone, west Africa can discuss home education with a teacher in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom by direct message on a social media platform. The speed of this communication can be super fast leading to advances in many areas of our lives, politically, economically, educationally, socially and technologically. We shall be looking at the impact of social media in these areas on individuals and society in how we now communicate.

Furthermore in this article we will give examples of the impact on interpersonal communication, as social media has both impactful advantages and disadvantages. Finally we shall give examples of opportunities and threats of the impact of social media on individuals in our summary.

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Political Communication

How does social media impact interpersonal communication politically? Social media has a major impact on people personally for good and bad in political communication. For example a tweet from a politician like president Trump can send shock waves across America, Europe and Africa once it is released to his followers. This means he can reach people one on one with the need to communicate his message to the Washington and worlds press. A politician can view reviews and comments left by people and respond to them directly.

A person holding or seeking office in government however must now realise that the history of activities could send their heart into fast palpitation if bought to like.

One of the disadvantages of using the major platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Tweeter is that information that is published can be biased and or extremely occurring online by design. All of this is amplified by anonymous people hiding behind multiple accounts. The form of trolling can be very sinister from racist, sexist and homophobic behaviour. The uses of social media by a leader can be striking especially if it is careless or on purpose threatening against another in opposition. The result could then impinge on their liberty. This means lives could be put at risk.

This can leads to conflict and waves of destructive sentiment reverberating around these ecosystems for days and weeks which fuel extreme behaviour and sometimes violent actions. The one on one personal nature of social media has been blamed for impressionable young teenagers to run off to foreign land and commit acts of terrorism or far right terror to be exacted on muslin people in the UK.

Door to door canvassing of people's vote is moving online and the parties that use our personal data on social media platforms to communicate will get the greatest pay-off in allegiance if used correctly. Let us now look at how social media affects us from an economical way.

Economical Communication

How does social media impact interpersonal communication economically? News and insight from the business world can to be gained by following business leaders, entrepreneurs and economic commentators. What these people review, post on their timelines and retweet can have repercussions for you financially. You will never have met these people but when you take an interest in their individual communication channels on platforms like Twitter it will have a strong effect on you personally. Shopping, spending money and gift giving are personal decisions.

You may choose to take out new government-backed loans or credit card and decide to buy a house based on a comment you saw by an industrialist; donate to charities after seeing a crowdfunding drive on YouTube or visit struggling businesses on your local high street on seeing the effects on small businesses of a recent incident that meant a loss of trade. All of this is impact via social media and your engagement with these people in economic power. Social media frauds and scams can have an impact on your life. Is it to be smart shopping or temptation by influencers promoting products by sponsored ads on your timeline?

Social media consequences on economic freedom

Before going for a job candidates are now gaining an insight into who they are going to be working with by viewing the histories of hiring managers online and co workers. Twitter, Linkedin and Glassdoor are good social media platforms to check out first. Company reviews and typical interview questions posted up from people on the inside make social media worth using before attending an interview. Online international and local communication can make the difference if you are looking to relocate or travel work. If bad reviews are seen on say Twitter by commuters into a city centre in the morning this may deter you from accepting that new contract even if it means more income. All this information is out there ready for you to find on Twitter, FaceTime and Instagram.

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Educational Communication

How does social media impact interpersonal communication educationally? The world wide web on the back of the internet first came into existence from higher education institutions sharing work world wide, The impact was massive for the individuals who collaborated on their research and projects. Groups of people in science made advances in collaboration with peer all over the world. This foundation of communication over the internet was the basis of the next level of development outside of the lab and in the wider social areas of universities as in the case for Facebook. Which was born out of an American college.

The Facebook college programmers who were mostly students knew that friends and peers have a strong effect on one another in their network. This can be called peer influence in a network and its effect is very powerful information. Peer influence in a network was the key to the exponential growth of the business. Before Facebook and TikToK however there was Friends Reunited and MySpace. These two companies did not grow their user base at speed based on this key fact.

Visually most people like learning from seeing other either telling a story, entertaining us or explain new concepts. YouTube, Zoom and Webjam are great tools which allow direct interpersonal sessions by use of webinars for education. Rapid changes in hardware and software will mean these tools will be common place for us all outside of formal learning. So be in no doubt educational needs will bring about more developments in social media. For the individuals who study in the top establishment this change will be fuel by the student's energies and drive.

International, local communication

What college you choose to attend may be down to reviews you see online rather than insight gathered from friends in the real world.

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Social Communication

How does social media impact interpersonal communication socially? Social media dating apps have had a major influence on how we find, meet and start relationships. If you are lonely you no longer need to be as you can find friends who have the same likes and hobbies as yourself to share with. If you wish to make an impression the best pictures of yourself are published on these platforms. Images on Instagram have become impactful beyond the creators vision of their software use. In the drive to communicate socially using WhatApp groups is a good way to make friends who love a shared interest.

Today there are numerous reasons for individuals to be using a social media platform. One such example is to keep in touch with friends and family utilising a group each message is seen first as notifications. If you want your parents to see how you are you whip out your phone and take a quick selfie, you post it on your WhatApp Group for them to see which will have an immediate effect of getting likes and comments.


You never have to feel alone if you wish to meet others online only. So if you love your esports you will be able to find friends whom you can play games in competitive sports with a social media element to them. An example is using the channel there is a massive audience on social networks, and you have the potential to attract many targets Twitch, Reddit and Ikon.

Twitch is the most well-known gaming platform enabling users to watch or stream digital video broadcasts. Humans are social creatures, we like to bond with others. Free social media services are a new way for us to create new bonds, however these are on the terms and conditions of the provider for access to our data. Our personally identifiable information is of high value to them. With that said privacy is an area each of us must secure and control for the safest experience on these platforms. All this requires that the legal frameworks must be robust, up to date and actionable as not having them has consequences on the user directly when communicating within these services.

Trolling on social media has an impact on our communication

The influence of social media on the youth and their mental health has called into question the roles of big technology firms like Facebook and Twitter. Is their impact destructive? Self harm starts when teenagers are in stress and are vulnerable. It seems like trolling plays a part in mental health issues. This is the impact of using social media where all can comment on you personally in your timeline or direct messages and when policies to protect are not enforced. Social engineering and grooming occurs on these platforms. Furthermore the viewing either deliberately or by accident of offensive Internet content and obscene material can harm individuals personally. Again legal and regulatory requirements are needed to stop these incidences.

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Technology Communication

How does social media impact interpersonal communication technologically? The explosion in the variety of different devices means you can reach others at any time in all areas of the world where you can connect to the internet. For example gaming consoles hardware connected to a social media platform means two players can compete, direct messages and share in different locations on the planet at speed. Others can view, follow, like and comment on play in real time. All this action online means technology must be fast, have low latency or lag and be able to handle heavy video files. This pushes the bounties of technology so we have advances in software and more hardware upgrades. The technology that a gamer gets used to means they push R&D advances in other sectors. For instance the combined use of social media and virtual reality VR technology has brought about Facebook's movement within the social media VR space, including the purchase of Oculus in 2014. Furthermore is the past multimedia platform secondlife with even more virtual social networking enhancements about to come of age but this time to stay.

Meaningful relationships or hidden issues

People want to communicate one on one via their social media channel in different languages at speed and combine that with their love of say their favourite sport like F1 racing. A social media VR experience would completely change the way you communicate with your friends around the world. Would the world at work change soon afterward? Virtual work environments are theses on the horizon for sure? Of course the impacts of these interpersonal interactions are yet to be fully imagined or explored. Will technology result in meaningful relationships or result in dangers we are not aware of today? Whatever you think of this there will be change and transformation ahead for companies wanting to stay in business.

Presently companies are going through digital transformation to grasp the opportunities that come with social media interpersonal communication or are scrambling together ill thought plans just to keep up. The head in the sand attitude by management and a lack of a deep digital strategy means your company may not survive the future. Once all the software a company would need would be very basic requiring little in house configuration before use that is not the case today. So many individuals love to use open source technology today for development. If a company hires the best developers they will have an active Stack Overflow account which is a social media platform they can use to assist in coding problems.

As a consequence of new ways of hiring, working and sharing IT departments are now having to buy enterprise editions of these platforms to protect their companies intellectual property and keep collaboration in house. Desktop to Huawei mobile to *VR/AR and voice assistant combined with social media this seems to be where we are heading as we are spending a vast amount of time on these platforms.

You can see now that digital transformation has been fuelled by social media platforms such as Meetup, Youtube, Slack, GIT, Stackshare, Stack Overflow and Trello IT thought leaders in the world of development hang out there working on improvements and innovations. Developers sharing their code online with their peers on social media has the knock on effect that solutions to problems are found far faster than before. Science, medicine, healthcare, astronomy as well as information technology all have their own social media groups or platforms using direct instant messages, notifications and shares for learning and collaboration.

API Technology

Development has been accelerated by the underlying connectivity provided by APIs. Mulesoft acquired by Salesforce for $6.5 billion is a company that builds connections by providing integration software for linking applications, data and devices together. Social media is at the heart of many of these applications and the variations of what can be achieved by linking different platform layers means that an endless number of innovations can come from the technology sector. This will impact interpersonal communication in a way yet imagined.

New marketing tools

There will be new forms of marketing, advertising and ways to sell with these advances at speed broadband messages will appear based on individual history online mined from your personal digital footprint. You are in your living room or bedroom with the VR on and ***friendly AI avatars will be popping up suggesting new content based on what you like, it encourages you to engage. The content involved product placement of a sport car. In the real world last week facial recognition technology spotted you looking at a new car. It detected a range of facial expressions like happiness on seeing a sports car campaign advertised on an electronic billboard. Your location is known as you had your mobile phone on you. You told your friends on Facebook and the advertisers that work on these platforms AI spins into action. You will not even know what is going on as the AI programs will be ahead of you and by more than one step. The ramifications of this on the way you spend your money will be far reaching. Hash tagging of text will be a thing of the past as software apps will be tagging and combining video, audio and text content in new ways to create trends dedicated to you about sports cars. Trending topics will have an influence on you, moving you closer to purchasing. Is this personal communication something we can handle? Security will be an issue in this method of marketing as bots and fake news.

Innovation is built on past foundations however, so here let us look at keywords used today in our world of communicating on social media.

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Common Keywords Used In Social Media

What are the most used words associated with social media? Social media is all about engagement by users and from the content provider point of view they have the ability to see reactions to their efforts online. A whole new language has come from social media which would never have come about otherwise they have in effect changed our lifestyle. Here are our top 21 words used on the various social media platforms.

  1. Direct Messages
  2. Notifications
  4. Reviews
  6. Subscribers
  8. Hash Tags
  9. Timeline
  10. History
  11. Posts
  15. Stories
  16. Status
  17. Pings
  18. Selfie
  19. Trolling
  20. News Feeds
  21. Trending

A Summary Of The Opportunities And Threats

There are literally hundreds of social media platforms available on the market meaning there are lots of opportunities for individuals. This means also that there are threats to an individual on the opposite side that we should be aware of. Firstly however we should look at the opportunities for us all, like the ability, to tell your story to the world and touch other people one on one. VR/AR clearly adds a new dimension to social media marketing and will impact interpersonal communications in real time.

Convergence of the internet of things and social media will bring about another leap in this sector. Smart speakers, voice assistance, VR, drones and more interwoven into a person's social media account will have major repercussions for the individuals who use them and society as a whole. All these devices are about engagement for the individual which is comments, notifications and sharing.

An example of these of opportunities and threats


  • Early detection of trends on your twitter account notifications provide to you by a voice assistance
  • The automated selection of candidates for interviews from various social media platforms to your Alexa smart speaker

Devices such as VR/AR linking to social media will this be all for the good though? Let us look at some threats to our society by our use of social media for communication.


There will be an impact on interpersonal communications in real time in the future because of social media in ways that are not known today. There are no regulations here. It is a new frontier. It can be hidden over the dark web. This all suggests it could or will threaten younger people in new ways as they would be first to seek it out. Impressions in social media cyberspace on a different level will be well hidden and unknown.

  • Threats to the vulnerable young adults are real, we see this on todays images and text based social media platforms. However, future self harm or sexual exploitation by enhanced video in a VR world presented straight to the brain will make negative comments on Instagram seem trivial

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    4. Social communication
    5. Technology communication
  3. Common keywords used in social media
  4. Summary, opportunities and threats

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*AR VR/AR is VR and Augmented reality
***Friendly AI avatars created based on your sexual likes, engagement and follows mined by social media data.
** Facial recognition systems garner crowd insights for media campaigns. "perceived facial expressions alone do not represent the internal states of people" as the software company Microsoft state but when combined with social media data you can make a more informed decision on marketing offers.


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