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Up Close And Personal

From wildlife to your own little monkeys, superzoom cameras will get you closer than ever before


  • Kodak Pix Pro FZ151 Camera Red 16MP 15xZoom 3.0LCD 25Mb
    With its 15x optical zoom this 16MP Kodak is great for framing details from a distance. But thanks to its 24mm wide-angle lens it's also brilliant for capturing group shots without backing up to get everyone in the frame. Packing an impressive 3-inch LCD screen, it's easy to judge the perfect moment to take the shot.


  • Sony DSCHX50 Compact Digital Camera - Black (20.4MP, 30x Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD
    This Sony is a small compact with big range thanks to a 30x optical zoom. It takes detailed 20.4MP pics, features Optical SteadyShot to reduce camera shake and always-on autofocus ensures you won't miss a shot. Add manually adjustable aperture and exposure settings and here's a compact to take your photos to the next level.




Optical zoom uses the camera's lens to magnify the light that hits the sensor with no loss of image quality. Digital zoom, meanwhile, uses software to artificially blow up the central portion of the image. So which is best? Digital zoom will get you closer but there's some loss in image quality. It's fine for snaps and uploading to the web but if you want to print your images use optical zoom.

More Cameras...

Sony DSCW800 Compact Digital Camera - Black (20.1 MP, 5x Optical Zoom)

Cyber-shot W800
A stylish point-and-shoot compact, the W800 slips comfortably into a pocket and delivers photo quality way beyond its size. The large 20.1MP image sensor picks out every detail and is backed by a 26mm wide-angle lens that gets everyone in the picture. The 5X optical zoom and 5cm macro focus will bring you brilliant close up shots and you can also record blur-free HD video.

Fujifilm FinePix S9200 Camera - Black (16.2MP, 50x Optical Zoom, CMOS Sensor)

Bridge Camera
The S9200's ultra-powerful 50X zoom, covet in, dose without disturbing the winter visitors to your garden.
A real step up from compact snappers, this i6MP Bridge is packed with features that will help improve your photography. The 5ox ultra-long optical zoom lens gets you closer to the action without having to switch lenses. There's a large 3.o-inch LCD monitor to help you set the scene, while 3-stop lens-shift means shake-free image stabilisation. To top it all off it also shoots vivid Full HD video.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ55EB-K Compact Digital Camera - Black (16.0MP, 20x Optical Zoom, High Sensitivity MOS Sensor) 3 inch LCD (New for 2014)

Are you a selfie king or queen? Then this is the camera for you. It has a flip-up 3-inch screen with 18o-degree tilt so you can turn it on yourself and strike a pose. The 16MP high-sensitivity sensor delivers impressive image clarity and there's a powerful 20X optical zoom β€” huge for a compact. The Full HD video recording includes easy uploading so you can get your masterpiece up on YouTube in moments.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Film Camera White + 70 Instax Mini Film

Recapture the glory days of Polaroid by shooting and printing your snaps on the spot with Fujifilm's miniature marvel

What is it?

The Instax mini 7S is a cool-looking point-and-shoot camera designed around a beautifully old-fashioned idea β€”that photos are more fun when you can hold them in your hands seconds after you take them and then have a permanent reminder to keep or pass around.

Why should I be excited?

Take a photo and a credit card-sized print (86x 54mm) will pop up from a slot on the top edge of the camera. No crowding round a screen to k give people a glimpse, but right there in your hand and the perfect size to fit in wallets, stick to the fridge or pop pretty much anywhere you like.

What's the best bit?

Focus and flash are fully automatic so all you need to do is point and shoot to get photos that you'll look at again and again (unlike all those squillions of snaps languishing on your smartphone). Also, film packs are available with a variety of border designs to give your snaps an added shot of style.


STEP To turn on the Instax 7S mini simply pull the lens out and it's primed for action.
STEP 2 Now rotate the dial on the top of the camera to match the lighting conditions around you.
STEP 3 Take the shot and your credit card-sized photo will pop out of the top of the camera. Simple.

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